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Want to bring the Carrington and Colby clans to your venue?


The easiest way to get information about our show is by filling out the form below. Once we've reached an agreement, you'll be able to tell everyone to dust off their shoulder pads and get ready for a trip down memory lane with a celebration of one of the highest rated shows of the 1980's. Dynasty played to a weekly audience of over 50 million fans in the United States, along with a massive worldwide audience. So get ready to re-live the glamour, the greed, the glory, and the aftermath of the Moldavian Massacre!


It's a night audiences will never forget!

If you are the Entertainment Director for a venue, or know someone who is looking for quality entertainment, please send us a note using the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

We look forward to bringing Cocktails with the Carringtons to a venue near you!


The Booking Process Starts Here...

Thanks for submitting!

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